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Marvel Organics is antipathogenic and contains strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, metabolites, microbial growth regulators, L-amino acids, peptides, poly- and oligosaccharides.
Rhizosphere Nutrition

A healthy root system of plants is always abundantly populated by bacteria. Microorganisms are on the root surface and in the soil adjacent to the roots - the rhizosphere. The number of bacteria in the rhizosphere is greater than their number in the zone of the soil and is removed from the roots in the dozens, often hundreds of times.

Roots provide power through these bacteria exudates (root exudates). In turn, they promote the growth of microorganisms or plants by facilitating the collection of the necessary resources (i.e., nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization or mineralization, sulfur oxidation), or by moderating the plant hormone levels.

Rhizosphere microorganisms work together to stimulate, nourish and protect plants, so not only is the presence of certain strains important, the vast spectrum of soil microorganisms must coexist in conjunction with each other.

Rhizosphere bacteria are not its own microflora of plants, but they have a great influence on the life of the plants. They produce thiamine and a number of other vitamins, synthesized growth substances - gibberellin and IAA, that by destroying organic and mineral compounds, contribute to more efficient use of plant minerals in the soil.

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Effect of Marvel Organics

Microbiological complex Marvel Organics eliminates the effect of chemicals on plants and soil, significantly enriches the soil microbes and promotes active fixation of atmospheric nitrogen via microorganisms that live in the root system of plants (the rhizosphere) and converts useful organic / mineral elements residing in a bound state in digestible plants soluble form.

The mixture enhances plant photosynthetic capacity to stimulate physiological processes occurring in the plant cell, leading to the accelerated development of vegetative organs earlier tying and ripening fruit has active anti-pathogenic flora (fungicidal property) and inhibits pathogens causing fungal and bacterial diseases of plants, can reduce the dosage application of mineral fertilizers by 30-40% due to the increase of efficiency of power plants.

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Marvel Organics effect on soil

Classical methods for growing crops, involving the use of chemicals and fertilizers, disrupts the natural balance of soil microorganisms, which leads to a decrease in the number or even the extinction of species required for the normal life of the plant. This process fatigues the soil, increases the proportion of pathogenic bacteria and fungi deteriorates fertility and reduces yields.

The most effective long-term stabilization method and increase the biological productivity of crops is artificial colonization of degraded soil beneficial microorganisms. Rich and balanced amount of microbes in the soil ensures no harmful microorganisms and reduces a large spectrum of diseases in plants.This also has the added effect of a positive impact on the physical and chemical composition of the soil and the processes of humification.


Influence of Marvel Organics on the root system of plants

During plant growth in root hairs rhizosphere bacteria consume organic and mineral substances from the soil, splitting them into simple digestible minerals. During rain or watering the rhizosphere receives new portions of nutrients in a rough form, and the cycle begins anew.

We have carefully studied the rhizosphere microflora and its impact on the growth of any plant, conducted numerous laboratory, and field tests with which we concluded that a modern solution of plant nutrition problems almost always implies an increase in the dosage of fertilizers and as a consequence, the violation of the natural acid-alkaline balance of the soil.

This inhibits the bacterias processing power and cease their plants ability to absorb energy efficiently, causing reduced productivity.

Marvel Organics enriches and normalizes the rhizosphere microflora and restores the acid-alkaline balance of the soil, which has a positive effect on the development of the rhizosphere microbiome in the long run.


Leaf processing of plants

The surface of a plant, and mainly the surface of leaves (phyllosphere), is a home to various epiphytic microorganisms. Bacteria not only exist on the leaf surface, but also actively develop there.

The number of phyllosphere populations of bacteria is determined by the availability of moisture and nutrients that are derived from water leachable substances, plant secrets and exudates. Dew and moisture from the leaves contain amino acids, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, organic acids, plant hormones, and inorganic ions. Nutrient substrates microbes may also serve particles deposited on the surface of leaves, pollen, substances dissolved in rain water.

Systematic composition of philosphere bacteria is varied, but in most cases the plants are isolated from the natural environment without having the ability to effectively consume entire complex organic and mineral nutrients, and possess very poor microbial composition on leaf surfaces.

Marvel Organics is characterized by granting bacteria the ability to synthesize melanin and carotenoid pigments that protect cells from harmful solar radiation. Subsequent development in phyllosphere is accompanied by the release of growth stimulants, because a large portion of the bacteria is capable of nitrogen fixation.

New inhabitants of the phillosphere synthesize extracellular polysaccharides that protect the cells from both the radiation and from drying out. In addition, mucus enhance cell adhesion, so that even in the pouring rain, the bacteria are retained on the leaves.

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Reducing the amount of mineral fertilizers with Marvel Organics

Marvel Organics antipathogenic and contains strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, metabolites, microbial growth regulators, L-amino acids, peptides, poly- and oligosaccharides.

The concentration of cells in the strains Marvel Organics least 1,4x107 KOE/ml., The cumulative effect of which can routinely reduce the amount of applied fertilizer by 30-40% due to repeated increase the effectiveness of the power plant.

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